Septic Designs

If you do not have municipal sanitary services that extend to your new residence, you will need an on-site sewage system to process the wastewater from the house.  In order to obtain a building permit, an application to install a septic system is required.

Gunnell Engineering Ltd. specializes in the design of on-site sewage systems.  Our designs meet Ontario Building Code and Ministry of Environment approvals (for daily sewage flows of over 10,000 litres per day).

Typical projects include designs for new septic systems, replacement of failed septic systems, as well as upgrades and expansions to existing septic systems.  Depending on the site conditions, Gunnell Engineering will be able to design a conventional septic system or a specialized tertiary treatment system to meet owner requirements and objectives for the property.  We offer engineering services to prepare an integrated design and drawing package: including site plan, lot grading and septic system design for your building permit.  We also provide site inspections during construction of your septic system.