Advanced Tertiary Treatment Systems

A Tertiary Treatment System includes a specialized treatment unit system that reduces the strength of sewage effluent to about 1/10 the strength of typical residential strength waste.  Because of this, the leaching bed sizing can be reduced to up to one half of what a conventional system would require.  This is advantageous for properties that have limited space.  Tertiary treatment is also used only where it is needed to protect the receiving waters from excess nutrients.  In tertiary treatment, the concentrations of phosphorous or nitrogen are reduced through biological or chemical processes.

Tertiary Treatment Systems comply with the effluent quality criteria as regulated by the Ontario Building Code (OBC).  There are a number of manufacturers that the OBC has approved to produce tertiary treated effluent.  Gunnell Engineering Ltd is familiar with all approved tertiary treatment systems and would discuss with you the different treatment options available in today’s market.